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“We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are.” — Adelle Davis ”


1. I have never been to a nutritionist before.
How does the process work?
Dana takes a holistic approach and wants to know as much about your health and lifestyle as possible. It will take 2 sessions to get started. We will send you a questionnaire to complete before the first session. It will ask you questions about your current health issues, health history, family health history, lifestyle, food preferences, etc. Also, any bloodwork done within the past year should be sent with the questionnaire. During the first session, Dana will ask more detailed questions about your issues, take a food frequency survey, and analyze your body composition and metabolic rate. Dana may also recommend that you have additional testing done. By the end of the first session, she will give you a few assignments to get you started, but then will research your case and develop a customized plan, including the best foods for you to eat, menu suggestions, vitamin supplement recommendations, etc. During the second session she will review your plan with you and give you many tips and materials to follow and as much support as you need to implement your program.

2. For which health issues will nutrition help prevent or treat?

Obviously, nutrition is important for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight and fitness level and optimizing blood sugar control. However, it also plays a role in all chronic health conditions. What you eat on a regular basis can make a significant difference in how you feel and look. It also dramatically affects your level of vitality, cognitive function, and can help prevent and treat any of the degenerative diseases associated with aging.


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3. Do I need nutrition therapy if I do not need to lose weight?
Nutrition is an important part of both prevention and treatment of any chronic health issue, including digestion, hormonal issues, memory and focus, auto-immune. It is also an important part of any anti-aging program. Dana also helps people with overall fitness, stress reduction, and recovery from addictions like smoking. Please click here for a complete listing of the issues nutrition will address.

Dana show clients how simple lifestyle changes can make a dramatic difference in how they look and feel, and give them a competitive edge. She will not just hand over a diet; she works with clients to create a customized program that really works for them.

4. Can a nutritionist help me to gain weight?
Yes. Just as with weight loss, it is important to look at the underlying issues causing a person to be underweight. Dana will do a thorough health intake and analyze metabolic rate and body composition and outline a customized program based on the client’s health and lifestyle issues.

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5. My doctor has recommended that I see a nutritionist?  Will my insurance plan cover the cost?
Many insurance plans do cover nutrition counseling, provided it has been referred by the primary care physician with a diagnosis for a medical condition. No insurance covers weight loss alone. Let us know which insurance plan you have, and we will help you determine if you will be covered.

6. What is integrative nutrition?
Dana takes an integrative, holistic approach which means she addresses the whole person and looks at underlying cause of your health issues – not just the symptoms. She is interested in you as a whole person. She provides customized treatment plans based on
sound scientific research – helping you separate marketing hype from science. She takes
an integrative approach that works in concert with your medical treatment and other therapies to make them more effective and reduce your risk of potential side effects.

Please click here for more information on Dana’s philosophy.

7. Where is your office located?
60 East 12th Street, Suite 2-F. This is on the SE corner of Broadway, two blocks south of the Union Square/14th Street train station.

8. What are your hours?
Monday: 12 pm – 6 pm
Tuesday: 10 am – 6 pm
Wednesday: 10 am – 8 pm
Thursday: 8 am to 5 pm

9. What are your fees?
It will take two sessions for you to get started. The fee for these first 2 sessions and for developing your customized plan is $400. $250 is required at the first session, which lasts 75-90 minutes, and $150 at the second, which lasts 50 minutes. After these first 2 sessions, follow-ups are less costly, and we have packages that will save you money. For complete details, please click here.

10. Which would be most appropriate for me
one-on-one counseling or a group workshop?
Dana offers several small group workshops on topics such as detox and emotional eating. In order to participate in each, you will need to do one or two individual sessions so that your individual issues can be addressed and you can be placed in a group that is appropriate for you. Many people find the support of a small group of individuals who have similar issues quite effective when dealing with difficult lifestyle issues. Dana will be pleased to talk with you about how each approach might benefit you. For more information about workshops, please click here.

11. How long are the appointments and how many will I need?
You will need at least two sessions to get started. At the end of these two sessions we will discuss the frequency and type of support that may be most effective in helping you accomplish your goals.

12. What is Dana’s background?

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