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Speaking Topics

Dana Reed can speak on many topics relating to nutrition and wellness, medical nutrition, prevention and healing, digestive health, menopause, healthy aging, etc. Here are some sample presentations.

Nutrition and The Healthy Breast - Using Healing Foods to Lower Your Risk of Breast Cancer
There is much controversy and confusion regarding the role of diet and nutritional supplements in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer. This 4-week workshop will clarify the facts and show participants how to use nutrition to reduce the risk of cancer occurrence, enhance effects of cancer treatments, and reduce the impact of cancer therapies on healthy cells.

Simple Ways to Better Health at Menopause -- without HRT
Learn how simple changes in diet, regular exercise, and targeted nutritional supplements can protect the heart and bones and enhance cognitive function, while minimizing symptoms. See how Dana's practical approach can work for you.

Vitamin Sense
Should you take vitamins? Which ones and why? Learn the basics of planning a safe, sound and balanced program for optimal health.

Nutrition & Breast Health
Learn how simple lifestyle changes can dramatically reduce your risk of cancer and reinforce your defenses.

Spring Cleaning:
Detoxing for Health and Rejuvenation

Discover how to rest and refresh your body’s natural detoxification system.  Learn how to create a strong foundation for improved health and increased vitality.  See how you can conduct your own personal spring cleaning by removing foods that burden and harm your body and adding those which can help heal and restore a healthy immune response.

Real Life Weight Loss: 
The Power of Simple Changes

Have you tried many times to lose weight with no real success? Discover how simple lifestyle changes can empower you to lose weight, get healthy and stay that way.  Find out why trendy diets often fail and learn about the 10 common road-blocks to weight loss and how you can get past them. 

Are You Addicted to Carbohydrates?
Find out how you can tame your cravings and enjoy carbohydrate foods while enhancing your health without guilt.

Antioxidants and the Process of Aging.
How you can use nutrition to create a longer and healthier life span.

How to Protect Your Bones:
The Role of Calcium

Recent studies appear to confirm that calcium pills alone do not prevent osteoporosis. Hear about the latest research and Dana’s interpretation of what the studies say about calcium. Learn how simple changes in diet and a balanced approach to nutritional supplements can protect your bones and reduce your risk of osteoporosis.
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Recent presentations & workshops


New York Open Center, NY, NY
DSM Personalized Nutrition, Parsippany, NJ
Move Studio, Long Valley, NJ
Canyon Ranch Health Resort in the Berkshires, Lenox, MA
Share: Cancer Support, NY, NY
Gilda’s Club, NY, NY
Roosevelt Hospital, NY, NY
Geller Corporation, NY, NY
Maur Foundation for Breast Health Education, Port Washington, NY
Sjogren’s Foundation, Huntington Hospital, Huntington, NY Brearley School, NY, NY



Co-author: "Beyond Glycemic Load: Horizons for Long Term Weight Management," Obesity Epidemiology, Pathophysiology and Prevention, 2nd Edition, Bagchi and Preuss editors, 2012



Interviewed for “The Probiotic Revolution,” by Sarah Wenick and Gary Huffnagle, published 2007

Vitamins.com, on-line health information center for consumers, “Ask the Nutritionist” Q & A service, 1997-2000

Corporate Spokesperson, Great Lakes Kraut, on benefits of fermented foods, 2003-2005

I-Village Expert Speaks, interviews on various nutrition topics, 2006

WNBC TV, Washington Morning Show, interviewed by anchor Barbara Harrison, integrative medicine series, 2000

“First for Women,” interviewed for “My sinus infection disappeared in days!” 9/99

“React,” Q & A, 2000.

“Natural Health,” interviewed for “Remember Better,” 2000

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"I am passionate about the difference nutrition can make in each person’s life and appreciate the opportunity to share my knowledge."