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“Every time I hear of my clients’ successes, I am deeply gratified and reminded of the reason I changed my career to nutrition.”


“I am thrilled to say that for the first time, after trying many other approaches, I am successfully achieving my nutrition goals. The program you have put me on is one that I will be able to continue with indefinitely because it is realistic and really reflects my lifestyle. There have been many challenges along the way, but you have helped me to identify the issues and find easy, creative solutions for them. I can’t tell you how this has increased my self esteem. I feel so much stronger, healthier and more attractive than when I first walked through your door.”

—Heather H.

“This is the best money I have ever spent. Thank you for your brilliance.”

—Donna P.

“The feedback from my patients about your practice has been phenomenal! You have made a positive impact on so many of my patients’ lives. I am very grateful for what you have done for them, and I will continue to refer them to you.”

—Dr. Chi Shum, MD

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for all you’ve done for me. You have made something that I have struggled with my whole life, namely, food and eating and how to relate to it, easy and enjoyable. Food is no longer my enemy or my comfort. It is exactly what it should be, healthy fuel for my healthy body, which is getting healthier all the time. The best part is that eating is no less enjoyable, and now I no longer have to feel guilty.”

—Colleen C.

“Since working with you, I feel much better about myself – both emotionally and physically. I know I’m living a healthier life and I have a certain air of confidence I did not have before. One of the most important things I have learned is how to control sugar bingeing. This has not only helped me to lose weight and body fat, but it has greatly enhanced my energy, concentration, focus, and immune system. My sinus infections, which I have been struggling with for years, cleared up in the first few months of our work together! With your support, I know I will continue to get past the hurdles, and there continue to be many. I feel you are always there for me. You have an awesome energy and vibe. You’re very easy to talk to and you exude a high level of honesty which promotes me to be fully open about what I am experiencing. I know this is one of the main reasons I have been so successful.”

—Rebecca R.

“My progress working with Dana was incredible. In about six months I lost over 25% of my body weight and 10% of my body fat, dropping from a size 12 to a size 4 (sometimes 2!), decreased my cholesterol 25 points to a healthy level, increased my energy substantially, and improved my sleep dramatically. I feel so much better about myself. And, I was able to do this by making lifestyle changes that I will stay with for the rest of my life. Instead of using pre-packaged diet system meals, artificial sweeteners, and diet desserts, I rely on whole, natural foods. This is extremely important to me since I know I will be able to maintain my results.”

—Teresa M.

“You have eliminated many of the concerns I have had before, during, and after my pregnancies. This has helped me feel less stressed about my nutrition and has helped the entire process to go more smoothly. You are always there for me, no matter what issues come up. Since working with you I feel great. You are a fabulous nutritionist!”

—Client A.

“Since we have been working together, I feel fabulous, physically, mentally, and emotionally. My energy is great, my foot pain is gone, and I’m mentally more focused. I feel empowered by the many gradual lifestyle changes I have made and how they have moved me towards my goals. I can finally find professional clothes that look good, and people compliment me on how attractive I look. Also, I receive lots of comments on how clear my skin is. I now eat without guilt or fear and am no longer a complete slave to my cravings. I know exactly which supplements to take and can make better sense of the daily conflicting media report. Thank you for your scientific, holistic,practical approach and especially for your great recipes. I really appreciate your thorough analysis, resourceful solutions and genuinely caring attitude. And most important, the process has actually been fun.”

—Anna L.

“When I first came to see you over three years ago, due to my weight, my health was at serious risk. I felt overwhelmed and unsure about what to do since I had tried many eating programs and worked with various nutritionists. With your guidance, I have been able to incorporate many positive lifestyle changes, resulting in dramatic improvements in my health and sense of well-being. Finding a health professional who can understand my issues, who shares my concerns, and to whom I can easily relate is a major challenge to achieving success. I feel the chemistry we have together has played a huge part in my success.”

—Warren B.