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“…May you have a strong foundation when the winds of change shift...
and may you stay forever young.”
–Bob Dylan

"My 4-week group workshop helps create a strong foundation for improved health, increased vitality
and longevity."


Workshops consist of a small group of 4-6 clients with similar health and lifestyle issues. Most attendees find that the support of the group is very effective in helping them with their objectives and that it nicely complements their one-on-one sessions.

Eating Smart™: Detoxing for Health and Rejuvenation

Did you know that detoxing can:
  • Increase your vitality?
  • Trigger weight loss?
  • Help your body respond to a host of health issues?

If you suffer from any chronic health issue – frequent headaches, joint pains, insomnia, chronic GI issues, skin problems, chronic inflammation or pain, hormonal imbalance issues, fatigue, mood swings, frequent infections, inability to lose weight and many others – this may be a sign that your body’s detox organs are overloaded and need a rest.

Join Dana in a 4-week group workshop and notice an immediate difference in the way you look and feel. Learn how some simple dietary changes along with targeted nutritional supplements can help to rest and refresh your body’s natural detoxification system. Create a strong foundation for improved health and increased vitality.  Whether you wish to do a simple cleanse or kick-start a longer-term nutritional program, this workshop will be a great benefit.

Eating Smart™:
Controlling Emotional Eating

If your emotions are getting in the way of your best efforts to eat healthy and lose weight, join Dana in this four-week group workshop. Learn what is driving your compulsive behavior, share your experiences and wisdom with the group, and let other group members help you to find ways to combat this behavior. In addition, learn which foods and nutritional supplements will help you to control these cravings, heal and recover.