"I am passionate about the difference personalized nutrition can make in each person’s life and appreciate the opportunity to share my knowledge." -Dana Reed


As an integrative, personalized nutrition therapist, Dana Reed applies cutting-edge, evidence-based science and a functional nutrition approach to help you get results by investigating and addressing the causes of your health barriers – not just the symptoms.

Dana is committed to... 

  • Helping you take control of your health so you can make long-term nutrition and lifestyle changes at a pace right for you.
  • Providing nutrition action plans that complement your doctor’s medical plans.
  • Helping you make sense of the conflicting facts surrounding health and nutrition.
  • Showing you how simple changes can bring powerful results.
  • Providing you with the extensive support and resources you need to get results and a competitive edge despite your high-pressured, fast-paced lifestyle.

The Transformative Power of Personalized Nutrition...

Dana works on a variety of health issues with a focus on healthy aging and disease prevention for adults over 50, including: cognitive decline and neurodegenerative disease, digestive disorders, menopause, osteoporosis & other musculoskeletal issues, insulin resistance and diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and auto-immune disorders.

Dana Reed, MS, CNS, CDN

Personalized nutrition is my passion and has been my life's work for the past several decades. Over the years, my work has gravitated to the special needs of people over 50, many of whom are dealing with prevention and management of complex chronic health issues. 

 I am a personalized nutrition therapist in private practice based in New York City but work remotely with clients across the country. My goal is to help identify and address each client’s individual risk factors to prevent and minimize disease occurrence -- and address the root cause if symptoms have already occurred. I will work with your physician and other healthcare specialists to help you achieve best outcomes. 

I am a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS), a NY State Certified Dietitian/Nutritionist, and a Massachusetts Licensed Nutritionist. I hold an MS degree in Clinical Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport, a BS degree from the University of Maryland, have studied at NYU’s graduate school of social work. 

I received advanced, specialized training from the Institute of Functional Medicine, training in ketogenic nutrition and nutritional genomics through the American Nutrition Association, and am a ReCODE Certified Nutritionist through Dale Bredesen’s Apollo Health Center for cognitive health. In addition to my practice, I currently serve on the board of two national nutrition organizations. 

 My previous clinical experience includes Atkins Center for Complementary Medicine in NYC, the Center for New Medicine, Rockville, MD, and Canyon Ranch Health Resort in the Berkshires. I have also led group workshops for non-profit support organizations, served as national spokesperson, and developed educational programs for various organizations and companies. As a former business executive, I understand the special needs presented by our fast-paced, high-pressure environment.  

Next Steps... 

Contact Dana today to set up a complimentary call to discuss your health concerns and priorities for prevention and healing!
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